Amazing Wide Dynamic Range - WDR on/off A119S Dashcam

VIOFO A119S Dashcam WDR Comparison. I was never impressed with VIOFO's Wide Dynamic Range feature until testing the A119S new Firmware v2.1 > the WDR image improvements are amazing compared to all previous firmware releases. The enhancements are only noticeable on scenes with both dark and bright areas. WDR does alter colours and overly brighten dark scenes which is great for recording accident evidence. Wide Dynamic Range colour contrast adjustment combines multiple images at different brightness levels to brighten dark scenes or darken light scenes. WDR enhances night scenes when both very dark and very bright areas occur at the same time.

VIOFO A119S Dashcam - Firmware Comparison

A119S Firmware Comparison FW2.0 with sharpening, hot pixel fix vs FW1.01 no sharpening, no hot pixel fix. The A119S with FW2.0 provides great image quality for accident recording which is the main purpose of the Dashcam. Video Fanatics have a different view: FW2.0 is slightly over color saturated and slightly over-sharpened and slightly too bright. FW1.01 image quality looks more accurate with deeper tones.

VIOFO A119S Dashcam - Lens Comparison

Side-by-Side Lens Comparison A119S F1.6 v1 vs F1.8 v2 with split screen day and night footage. The newer F1.8 v2 Lens has been shipped with most A119S version-2 GPS mounts since June 2017. This improved F1.8 Lens includes a green anti-reflection coating to improve image quality. The BETA Firmware used on this Lens Comparison video is replaced by A119S Firmware v2.1